Where Can I Find Yooperlite?

Where Can I Find Yooperlite?

In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I’ve found Yooperlites anywhere from Whitefish Point to Grand Marais.

I’ve also found them in gravel pits in Minnesota.

Other folks have reported finding them on Lake Michigan near the Chicago area and also near the Point Betsie Area.

Where can you find Yooperlite rocks?

The glowing rocks can be found mostly on Lake Superior between Whitefish Point an Grand Marais, and on the Keweenaw Peninsula. The rocks are believed to be brought down from Canada by glaciers, Rintamki told WXYZ.

What is Yooperlite?

“Yooperlite” is a type of rock found in Northern Michigan by a man (who also happens to be a gem and mineral dealer) named Erik Rintamaki on the beach of Lake Superior. Rintamaki now does tours and sells yooperlite. The name comes from “yoopers,” which refers to people from the upper Michigan peninsula!

How much do Yooperlites cost?

The Yooperlite night picking tours, priced at $50 per person, include “a guided tour for Yooperlites and a UV torch light that you get to keep.”

What rocks glow under black light?

  • Scheelite. A popular, collectible mineral, scheelite (calcium tungstate), glows blue under short wave ultraviolet light.
  • Flourite. Flourite (calcium fluoride) usually fluoresces blue, but many specimens emit various colors, including yellow, red, white, green and red.
  • Scapolite.
  • Willemite.
  • Calcite.
  • Autunite.
  • Hyalite.
  • Gypsum.

Photo in the article by “JPL – NASA” https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=7204