Quick Answer: What Is Meant By The Chain Of Custody?

What is meant by the term chain of custody?

Chain of Custody Law and Legal Definition.

Chain of custody is a process that must be followed for evidence to be legally defensible (acceptable to courts and government agencies).

(2) “Chain of custody” does not include a person who handled the substance in any form after analysis of the substance.

What is the chain of custody and why is it important?

A chain of custody is when information is gathered from the crime scene and is used to create a chain of custody to show what was at the scene, its location and its condition. It is important because it can be used during a criminal court trial.

What is included in chain of custody?

The Chain of Custody Form (CCF or CoC) is used to record all changes in the seizure, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of physical and electronic evidence. A typical Chain of Custody Form will describe the evidence and detail the location and conditions under which the evidence was collected.

What is a chain of custody document and what information does it contain?

It is important to not only document what is being obtained, but who is doing the collection, when it was collected, and other details that validate the evidence. The chain of custody documentation provides information regarding the collection, transportation, storage, and general handling of the electronic evidence.