Quick Answer: What Is An Antonym For Confound?

What are antonyms for confound?

addle, baffle, bamboozle, beat, befog, befuddle, bemuse, bewilder, buffalo, confuse, discombobulate, disorient, flummox, fox, fuddle, get, gravel, maze, muddle, muddy, mystify, perplex, pose, puzzle, vex.

Words Related to confound.

stick, stump, weird out.

What is an antonym for rivalry?

Antonyms of RIVALRY

cooperation, indifference, satisfaction, humility, carelessness, accord, harmony, calm, contentment, peace, agreement, concord.

What’s a better word for confused?

puzzle, perplex, bewilder, confound, nonplus, disconcert, abash, fluster, discompose, flurry, dumbfound, upset, befuddle, baffle, mislead, misinform, embarrass, daze, astonish, disarrange, disorder, jumble, mix up, garble, scramble, blend, mix, mingle, cloud, becloud, fog, stir up, agitate, bedevil, worry, trouble,

What is the synonym of compound?

Synonyms of compound

admixture, alloy, amalgam, amalgamation, blend, cocktail, combination, composite, conflation, emulsion, fusion, intermixture, meld, mix, mixture, synthesis.