Quick Answer: What Arthropod Has Pedipalps And What Are They Used For?


… second pair of appendages, the pedipalps, are modified in the males of all adult spiders to carry sperm (see below Reproduction and life cycle).

In females and immature males, the leglike pedipalps are used to handle food and also function as sense organs.

What are Chelicerae and Pedipalps?

Pedipalps (commonly shortened to palps or palpi) are the second pair of appendages of chelicerates – a group of arthropods including spiders, scorpions, horseshoe crabs, and sea spiders. The pedipalps are lateral to the chelicerae (“jaws”) and anterior to the first pair of walking legs.

What do spiders use the Pedipalps on their heads for?

Pedipalps are the two appendages on the front of a spider’s head. Spiders often use them to hold insects (for example crickets) for them to eat. Male spiders also use pedipalps for mating. The male spiders make some silk, put sperm onto the silk, and then put their pedipalps into the sperm.

What are Chelicerae used for?

In many forms they are chelate, or pincerlike, and are used to hold and crush prey. Among spiders the basal segment of the chelicerae contains venom sacs, and the second segment, the fang, injects… The first pair, the chelicerae, often have claws or fangs.

How many Pedipalps does a tarantula have?

The pedipalps usually have only one claw each, compared to their true legs that each contain two claws. In males, the pedipalps are also used for sperm transfer.