Quick Answer: Should You Put Your Jeans In The Freezer?

“The freezer won’t kill odor-causing bacteria,” says Johnson.

“In fact, it will just put them to sleep until it’s warm again.

In the lab, we preserve microorganisms by freezing them.” Meaning once you take your jeans out of the freezer and let them thaw, any bacteria that went dormant will simply regenerate.

Why should I put my jeans in the freezer?

After each wear, bacteria from the skin is deposited onto the fabric of your jeans. The logic: Cold temperatures would supposedly kill all the bacteria. And many people have tried freezing their jeans and found that the smell does go away, but scientific facts disagree with the water-free trick.20 Jun 2016

Does putting jeans in the freezer kill bacteria?

Denim-heads have suggested freezing your jeans as a way to kill bacteria and the stench, although there’s no scientific proof that this method is effective. “It is clear that freezing does not kill most of the bacteria,” said Redl, “but puts them in a dormant state.”30 May 2014

Does freezing clothes kill odor?

When they start to get stinky, we tend to toss them into the wash—but that’s what wears both their fabric and color down. Guenza instead recommends sticking your jeans in the freezer, where the bacteria can be killed by the cold temperatures and rid the fabric of its odors.20 Aug 2015

Why would you not wash jeans?

You never wash your jeans.

When dirt is allowed to remain on the surface of fabric without being washed away, it causes fading. That’s because the soils break down, and as they do they can cause color loss,” she said.13 Dec 2018

How can I wash my jeans without washing them?

Cheung and Levi Strauss offer this advice:

  • Sun and Air: Hang them outside for a few hours.
  • Spot Clean: A swift wipe with a napkin will remove most of a stain.
  • Soak them: Throw them in a bath tub of cool or warm water with a little bit of liquid soap.
  • Line Dry: Let nature do the work.

14 Jan 2015

Will freezing jeans shrink them?

Another issue with washing jeans is that they stretch out. Does the freezer have any shrinking abilities? The freezer won’t shrink your jeans; it won’t bring your jeans back into shape.13 Nov 2013