Is Trypophobia Skin Real?

Is Trypophobia Skin Real?

Trypophobia is a condition where a person experiences a fear or aversion to clusters of small holes.

The condition is thought to be triggered when a person sees a pattern of small clustered holes, bringing about symptoms, such as fear, disgust, and anxiety.

What causes Trypophobia skin?

Shapes that elicit a trypophobic reaction include clustered holes in innocuous contexts, such as fruit and bubbles, and in contexts associated with danger, such as holes made by insects and holes in wounds and diseased tissue such as those caused by mango worms in animals, especially dogs.

How is Trypophobia treated?


  • general talk therapy with a counselor or psychiatrist.
  • medications such as beta-blockers and sedatives to help reduce anxiety and panic symptoms.
  • relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and yoga.
  • physical activity and exercise to manage anxiety.

Does Trypophobia hurt?

If you’re like me and you have a visceral reaction to the image above—if it makes your skin crawl, your hair hurt, and your stomach turn—you can count yourself among the trypophobic. According to its Facebook page, which is more than 4,000 members strong, trypophobia is fear of clustered holes.

What percent of people have Trypophobia?

16 percent

What disease causes holes in skin?


Is Trypophobia a mental disorder?

Therefore, in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)-5 (1), phobias receive the name of specific phobias and are classified according to their trigger. A particular type of phobia, known as “trypophobia” (2), is described as fear or repulsion to patterns of holes.

Why are people scared of holes?

Trypophobia is a fear of holes, like those in this lotus flower seed pod. A strange phobia makes people feel panicked or ill at the sight of holes, and new research hints at the cause. The fear may stem from a visual resemblance to poisonous animals, according to a new study.

How do you get Trypophobia?

A growing number of people are reporting a fear of holes. The reaction is so severe that even seeing photos of holes can set off a panic attack. The condition is called trypophobia. According to the website, “Trypophobia is a weird kind of phobia and it can generally be considered as the fear of shapes.

Does Trypophobia exist?

Trypophobia is a condition where a person experiences a fear or aversion to clusters of small holes. There is limited current research on the condition, yet some theories do exist. Some researchers question the validity of trypophobia as a condition or phobia, as suggested by a recent study.

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