Question: How Often Should I Feed My Tarantula?

The majority of tarantulas require only one or two crickets to be fed to them per week.

Some of the larger species can eat up to six crickets a week.

The insects should be gut loaded before feeding them to your pet.

Gut loading is making sure the insects are well fed.

How often feed a tarantula?

Feed full-grown tarantulas 1 cricket every 10-14 days, although some adults may abstain from food for up to a month. If you have a baby, feed it 1-2 times per week to keep it healthy. Don’t forget to provide a shallow dish of fresh water for your spider every day! For tips on buying and storing live crickets, read on!

Can I feed my tarantula everyday?

Tarantulas really don’t need to eat very often. In fact, feeding about once a week is sufficient. If you are feeding your adult spider every day, you will quickly overfeed it. And your pet may compensate by going months without eating.

How long can tarantulas go without food?

two years

Can tarantulas overeat?

No, T.’s can’t really overeat like a mammal. Younger spiders will eat more often than mature ones; and spiders of any age will vary their appetite from day to day and week to week, particularly for a period before and after they molt. Your T. may devour food day after day, then refuse food for weeks.