Quick Answer: How Can I Protect My Eyes From Gadgets?

How do gadgets affect our eyes?

Quick Answer: How Can I Protect My Eyes From Gadgets?

Many eye doctors claim that electronic gadgets emit blue light, which can be dangerous not only for the eyes but for the entire body, according to The Huffington Post.

Excessive time spent in front of screens can affect eyes in two ways.

Once the eyes are too dry, they are also prone to some complications.

How can I protect my eyes from screens?

Part 1 Protecting Your Eyes during Computer Use

  • Sit far enough away from the screen.
  • Locate the computer screen 4 or 5 inches below your eye level.
  • Position reference material properly.
  • Blink often.
  • Adjust your screen lighting.
  • Reduce glare from your screen.
  • Take regular breaks.

How can I protect my eyes from electronics?

Here are some convenient and simple ways to protect your eyes from electronic devices that are easy to implement.

  1. Hold Your Device at an Angle.
  2. Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses.
  3. Use a Screen Filter.
  4. Install a Blue Light Blocking Plugin.
  5. Take Advantage of “Comfort View” Settings.

How can I protect my eyes from mobile screen?

Here are seven super quick and easy ways to give your eyes a break during your all those smartphone marathon sessions.

  • Blink, blink and blink again.
  • Minimize glare.
  • Take breaks.
  • Adjust your brightness.
  • Tweak your text size and contrast.
  • Keep a clean screen.
  • Hold your smartphone farther away.

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