Quick Answer: Does Tanning Make Acne Worse?

Tanning cannot help your acne clear up.

In fact, tanning can damage your skin, especially if you are using certain medicines that make your skin more sensitive to ultraviolet light.

It is well known to cause premature aging of the skin and various types of skin cancer and it is known to make acne worse.

Is tanning bad for acne?

Tanning will help clear acne.

Tanning does help hide acne, but the UV rays ultimately dry the skin, and can make the skin condition worse.

Can too much sun cause acne?

The negative effects of the sun

– The sun causes skin to dry out and even oily skin (excess oil production typifies acne-prone skin) needs moisture. – Sunlight can also trigger a particular variety of acne known as Acne Aestivalis (or, more commonly, as Mallorcan Acne).

Does tanning help back acne?

If skin cancer hasn’t scared you away from sunbathing or tanning beds, maybe a back breakout will. That age-old myth that sun exposure or tanning beds will dry out pimples and heal acne is just that — a myth. If you have long hair, be sure to keep it off your back while you dry it.

Can tanning help your skin?

No. There is no safe amount of tanning. Tanning isn’t bad for you just because it comes with the risk of burning, which can cause skin cancer. Tanning is bad for you because your body doesn’t even begin to tan until dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays have pierced your skin and started to mess with your DNA.