Quick Answer: Do Wasps Remember You?

Scientists have discovered that Polistes fuscatus paper wasps can recognize and remember each other’s faces with sharp accuracy, a new study suggests.

“It’s just the way the brain processes the image of a face, and it turns out that these paper wasps do the same thing.”

Why do wasps chase you?

Wasps will not chase you unless you disturb them. In the process of stinging they mark you with a chemical odor that makes it easy for other wasps to find you. If you run, they will chase you and they are faster than you. Yellow jackets and paper wasps will not chase you very far, unless you have destroyed their nest.

Do wasps do anything good?

Believe it or not, wasps do more good than harm. They play a vital role in protecting gardens and farm crops by controlling pest populations. They capture and consume insects such as flies, caterpillars and beetle larvae.

Do wasps attack you for no reason?

When a wasp stings a human approaching a nest, the small insect simultaneously emits a chemical that signals the rest of the colony to attack. Wasps and bees will not sting someone at rest if they have not been disturbed by some agitation of their nest or threatened by swatting or quick movement of arms or legs.

Do dead wasps attract more wasps?

Don’t leave outside lights on any longer than you have to at night, since this attracts insects and everything that eats them. You should also avoid squashing a wasp—the action causes the wasp’s dead body to release a chemical alarm that signals other wasps in the area to attack.