Do Spiders Live In Colonies?

While most spiders hunt alone, there are a few hundred species of social spiders that live in colonies.

Up to 50 individuals gather together to spin large collective webs, which ensnare larger prey than each spider could trap on its own.

Do house spiders live in groups?

Humans and house spiders go way back. And after centuries of living together, shouldn’t we get to know our arachnid roommates? If you have a house, you probably have house spiders. They might live in your attic, basement or windowsills, or they might brazenly inhabit your houseplants.

Do spiders ever work together?

Even though spiders normally work alone to build their webs, some species do exhibit social tendencies. And although rare, it’s not unheard of for them to group together in certain conditions in order to catch large amounts of prey.

Do tarantulas live in colonies?

The vast majority of tarantulas live in Central and South American jungles, but there are a few that make California and North America their home. There are a lot of tarantula species and they all look different. Tarantulas are the largest arachnids on the planet.

Are spiders loners?

Spiders are loners, hunting and living on their own. A team of researchers has now found how this spider species- Parawixia bistriata- lives in a colony.