Do Solar Screens Block UV Rays?

Do Solar Screens Block UV Rays?

UV Protection

Solar shades, meanwhile, block 90-99% of harmful UV rays.

Do solar shades block UV rays?

Solar roller shades and solar soft roman shades are stylish window covering solutions that help to absorb heat, reduce glare from sunlight, and block up to 90-99% of harmful UV rays, while maintaining a view of the outdoors.

Do light filtering shades block UV?

Solar shades are light filtering, blackout shades completely block light. Both can be excellent window treatments if you are concerned about UV rays and want to preserve your fabrics and wood. Ultraviolet rays may not be visible to the human eyes but can damage carpet, furniture, and fade wood flooring.

Do window screens block UV rays?

Our sun screen fabrics block harmful UV rays and reduce solar heat gain, making them an excellent choice to use in fixed shades and screening for doors and windows. Solar screens block harmful UV rays and can help reduce energy costs.

Do solar screens really work?

How Do Solar Screens Work? Solar screens are made of special window screen mesh, often a polyester weave and sometimes made with the added durability of PVC coating. Although this is not the most efficient means of reducing heat transfer through the glass, solar screens do help with solar heat gain coefficients.

Photo in the article by “JPL – NASA”