Quick Answer: Can I Spray White Vinegar On My Dog?

To make your homemade flea spray, you’ll need white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

Either is fine, though some people feel their pet prefers the scent of apple cider vinegar.

Creating your flea spray is as simple as diluting the vinegar with water.

Some people recommend mixing equal parts vinegar and water.

Can I spray my dog with vinegar and water?

We recommend mixing 1 part apple cider vinegar and 1 part filtered water into a spray bottle. Dog owners can spray the mixture directly onto the dog’s coat before going outside. Again, fleas hate the acidity of the ACV and will jump straight off of the dog’s coat.

Can I use white vinegar on my dog?

ACV is a Safe, Reliable Disinfectant

Vinegar is a well-known cleaner and mild disinfectant. (Some people won’t use anything but white vinegar to clean their windows.) Apple cider vinegar’s cleansing and disinfecting qualities can be good for your dog, too.

Can you spray white vinegar on plants?

Combine one cup of plain white vinegar with a gallon of water and use the next time you water these plants to see some amazing results. You can also add some distilled vinegar to your soil to fight lime or hard water for other not-so-acid-loving plants.

Is Vinegar safe for dogs to smell?

Vinegar is also a great rinse after you bathe your dog to keep him from smelling like wet fur. While vinegar has a strong smell initially, it dissipates quickly leaving a fresh clean scent. You can use vinegar to clean up accidents on floors and carpeting. Vinegar will clean up pet stains and odors quickly and easily.